In the second, third and fourth semester of the Interactive Technologies master program, Armin Novacek and I reprogrammed the fitness app we implemented with Ionic in the first semester. This time we decided for a new frontend, implemented in React Native. This framework was new to both of us and we had to start from scratch. We were able to partially adopt the backend in NodeJs and extend it with new functionalities. In addition to new features, the design of the app also changed.

We decided to extend the classic fitness tracking app for the professional group of physiotherapists. More about the functions for physiotherapists and their patients are listed below. Furthermore, our idea convinced the jury of the Creative Pre-Incubator (CPI) and we were accepted in the program.


The App

Since Armin Novacek and I wanted to use the app for our master theses, the app was enriched by an idea. This is now no longer limited to the area of fitness, but also wants to bring about a change in physiotherapy. Thus, the app is divided into two large sections, on the one hand the fitness part, where it is possible for the user to track his training, view the progress and connect with other fitness enthusiasts. In the second area, physiotherapy, patients are given an overview of their therapy and physiotherapists are offered an administrative platform. Details about the tracking and statistics function can be found in this article - Fitnessapp Ionic.


For patients of physiotherapy the app should offer an additional support to the active therapy. Patients are assigned a therapy by their personal physiotherapist, which contains all the exercises they can then perform again at home. A dedicated page guides the patient through the therapy, explains the individual exercises and allows the user to provide feedback on each completed exercise. In the exercise overview, the patient can add a video to each exercise. This video can be recorded together with the physiotherapist so that the patient can watch the video again and again when performing the therapy.



The physiotherapists can perform administrative functions in the app. They have the possibility to add new patients to their list. In addition, they can then add new therapies to each patient:inn or edit and delete them. The progress of each patient can also be viewed and additional notes can be attached. In addition, templates for exercises and therapies can be created in advance.





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