Pub Quiz Web-App


This project was realized in the context of my master studies in the 2nd semester in the master class Mobile. The goal of the so-called "Extreme programming week" is to develop a project in only one week of concentrated work.  Due to the currently ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the recurring lockdowns, closed restaurants, stores and pubs, the idea of a pub quiz app was born. 


Pub Quiz App

Together with nine of my fellow students, this project was born. The web app is similar to a classic pub quiz. As a registered user you have the possibility to create a pub quiz, give it a name and then add questions with the desired number of answers. Additionally, friends can be directly invited. As soon as the creator of the quiz starts it, a unique game code is created. All invited friends can join the game directly in their account, all non-registered users can join directly by entering the game code and a player name. Once all players have found a place in the quiz lobby, it's time to answer the questions correctly. At the end of each quiz there is an evaluation of the completed game and the lucky winner is chosen. Due to limited time we were not able to implement different types of questions. Today only multiple choice questions are available. This could be extended in the future to allow more fun.


Workspace and Learnings

My main task was the conception and development of the backend which was implemented with Node.js, Express.js and TypeORM. My biggest learning in this project was working with websockets, which I had never used before. In this one week it became very clear how important team communication is. Some misunderstandings wasted unnecessary time, which would have been important in only one week of working time.







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